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Dr. Ryan Patel

His book, “Mental health for college students: Practical life strategies for stress, anxiety, depression, and more, backed by research” is structured by important topic areas in young adult mental health. Each chapter provides a concise discussion of relevant research studies, and related thoughts. Additionally the Dr Patel shares insights from his decade plus of clinical experience in helping apply these strategies, along with important considerations for their effective implementation. Read the book and learn about life strategies that can improve mental health!”


Ryan Patel’s Chapters

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Every 2 to 3 weeks, Dr Patel shares a blog post in which he briefly discusses a study and a practical strategy to improve mental health, followed by his own expert insight and caveats. Register today to access previous and future posts!

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About The Author

Ryan Patel

Ryan Patel, D.O. FAPA, is a college psychiatrist at The Ohio State University Office of Student Life Counseling and Consultation Service and an Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. He is a sought-after speaker and consultant regarding young and emerging adult mental health in the public and private sectors.

He is a board member (2023-2025 term) of the American College Health Association and has served various leadership roles over the years, including chair of their Mental Health Section and is a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association.


Why Read It?

Mental Health for
College Students

This book delves into researched-backed behaviors that can enhance mental health and offers insight into previously unacknowledged connections. Readers will be encouraged to examine the impact of their own behaviors on their mental well-being and discover strategies for positive change.

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Mental Health for
College Students


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